Jeff Rosenblum

New York City




Copyright Infringement & Bootlegging

Upon my tearful farewell from the venerable UR I was tipped off by Trotsky about an upcoming movie he had seen a preview for as he believed it would be a 'hot' movie and I'd be able to sell t-shirts for it. I rode down to the Flatiron building on my bicycle and pulled down, off of a construction wall covered with NY posters and ads, a cool looking poster of a white ghost character with a red circle and slash thru it. It turned out to be Ghostbusters. I initially printed 60 shirts and one of my brothers and I rode our bikes over to the eastside where the movie was playing. We waited for the crowd to come out and we held the shirts up (akin to a scene in the movie that we had not yet seen). We sold them all within 10 minutes--people were throwing cash at us. We ecstatically rode our bikes back through the park and I could tell we had infringed upon some sacred sacrament because it started pouring rain and lightning was literally striking the ground around us. We started producing as many shirts as we could--buying inexpensive Pakistani shirts for .60/each, printing them in Westchester during the day and then rushing back to NYC to the movie theatre and selling them for $4/each as people exited the movie. Paramount executives (producers of the movie) got word of our sales and they came to the theatre and bought shirts for themselves--cops were buying them, Wall Streeters were trekking up to buy them and send to clients in Nebraska, the entire movie theatre staff bought them. It was a phenomena and we sold thousands. The capital was the seed money for the nurturing of Ultimate Impressions.

More to come.




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