Dave Lewy

Bridgewater, New Jersey




After leaving in 1983 with a degree in Artificial Intelligence, I went to

work for a string of Defense Contractors including Bell Laboratories where

I was granted a Top Secret clearance. Upon learning of my affiliation with

Omega, my clearance was promptly cancelled and I had to find other means of

making a living.


Rock&Roll wasn't going to cut it, (you've all heard me sing) so I slowly

migrated into Sales where I am now Director of Sales for Advantage kbs, a

software solutions company where believe it or not, I am using my degree

in A.I. You can visit www.akbs.com for further reference.


I have two kids, Aiden 2 and Leah 4 1/2 and my wife of 7 years this New

Year's Eve, Robin. I live in suburban NJ about 45min. outside of Manhattan

and I travel around the country frequently. Well there you have it, short

and sweet.


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